Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mayans had Orgies?

I guess you take enough mushrooms you do all kinds of things, but orgies?

Mayan chiefs were known to have transvestites around to "cock-bless". In fact from what I read, homosexuality was very commonplace and accepted in the Mayan community, and there were big gay orgies and everything. Wikipedia:

"The Maya were relatively tolerant of homosexuality. It is known that there were orgies among the Maya that included homosexual sex, but for sodomy you would be condemned to death in a fiery furnace.

Mayan society considered homosexuality preferable to premarital heterosexual sex, so the nobles got sexual slaves for their children."

In spite of the puritanism of the Mexica, the sexual customs of the people conquered by the Aztec Empire varied to a great extent. For example, Bernal Díaz del Castillo speaks of homosexuality among the ruling classes, prostitution of young people, and cross-dressing in the area of Veracruz. The yauyos had prostitution houses full of men with painted faces and women's clothing.
The Toltecs, elsewhere, were extremely tolerant of homosexuality.

I didn't learn this in school -- otherwise I would have paid more attention. 

Mayan Sex Toys Sold to Tourist!

In many cultures, have special meanings and purpose for artifacts shaped like the penis, like phallis worship, but I don't know about Mayan/Mexico.  I tried to research but only found ancient traditions about puncturing the penis flappy skin to get blood to use in ceremonies (vagina too!) and I had to stop reading!

There is some writing out there that talks about the Maya and phallis/penis worship, but it is not that prevalent.  There have been a few archaeological finds to show that the Mayans believed in penis worship though.  

My First Toy

The relationships are like a long journey of two people, which is touring and building a road together where dreams converge, project ideas and ideals, where the "exotic destinations" and the magical adventures should be present every day but what happens when the routine attacks and fun and romance away from the road?
Of course after the first year and the excitement of "if I do", the relationship is loading situations, experiences both good and bad events that are derived from daily living, and it is why it is of utmost importance pay attention to communication with friends and maintain an active and healthy sexual relationship.
Routine and lack of communication is opening gradually I step to "I'm tired", "I do not feel", "another time" and are diminishing the "me you enchant", like "love", "happy me I feel your side, "so it is important to keep that uncomfortable character outside the relationship.
To keep the spark as long as a couple we suggest you include props as lingerie, rose petals in the room, candles, costumes and why not a toy they can enjoy intimate partner.
If! Contrary to what you think intimate toys are not substitutes or yours or your partner if you are not the perfect place to experience new sensations they shall bear their relationship a special bond complement.
But how do I choose the first toy?
• It is important to note that there are different types of materials;
• Silicone: soft and silky texture. With the perfect degree of flexibility and rigidity. Hypoallergenic.
• Plastic: Smooth texture, they are strong and rigid.
• Glass and Ceramics: Soft and ideal temperature for the game as they are heated or cooled easily. Extremely hygienic. Very tough.
Also it is important to consider that there are different types:
• Abstract: Son Toys Vanguardistas and great design, with modern and subtle colors and shapes, are usually very discreet.
• Realistic - Semirealistas: As its name suggests its shape mimics the intimate area of ​​the man or woman.
They can also be classified by their functions
• Vibration: They have different speeds and vibration intensity programs.
• No vibration: Also known as dildos, these toys are good for stimulating.
Another point to consider the area that seeks to stimulate
External: smaller toys are ideal for beginners, its use is exclusively external.
Internal: These are toys intended to stimulate effectively Point P and Point G by shape.
To end:
Remember that toys do not have a solid base or "cap" are exclusively for female vaginal use, while those with stopper can be enjoyed by both men and women whether for vaginal use or prostate stimulation.
Do not be afraid to play, choose a couple Plug they like to play and it has been said!

Sorry, English is not my first language. 

Sex Selfies in Mexico

Until just over a decade the word selfie was an unfamiliar term and today is a practice that is here to stay.
The use of technology has revolutionized the way people interact and connect, and the inner life has not been the exception more and more people are joining the trend and take and share their SEX selfies, the most chaste to your partner's wildest the world through different mobile applications that allow you to share your erotic .. such eh?
A selfie SEX is a self-portrait of a sexual nature either before, during or after sex and is a widely accepted practice among couples because they see it as a way to escape the routine, keeping the passion and a trace of his most passionate sexual encounters.
This trend is so popular supplements existing intimate vibrating with an integrated camera. As you read, vibrators with a camera on the end for you to take a self-portrait of your intimate zone! ..
Its shape is very simple and straightforward and is much like any other vibrator you can find on the market, the only difference is that it has a camera on top, surrounded by lights so you can take photos or videos in high resolution for you use them as erotic material for sexting with your partner. As if this were not enough you can sync your photos or videos to your computer or Smartphone or if you love Iphone can even make a Facetime from inside your vagina. If you press me feel that a looming sexual escándlao .. Imagine losing your cell !! Well I'm probably just being paranoid ..
It sounds crazy right? .. But we must admit that this new invention causes a lot of curiosity and can be a great way to enable women and men to know the intimate female body, safely and privately. If you thought that this new toy is too intimate to be erotic gynecological let me tell you that all units were coming in record time demonstrating that tastes genres break ..